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Client Testimonials


"When I contacted Jill, I was very frustrated and discouraged with my attempts to lose weight and keep it off.  After our first meeting, I knew this was going to be the answer for me as far as knowing what I should eat and how much I should eat in order to be healthy. Jill helped me focus on health rather than just looking better in my clothes. She taught me about having the right balance of food to achieve a healthy weight and body fat! have to admit I was more concerned about my weight going down, but as the weeks went by and I began to feel better and notice the fat going away, I didn’t really focus on the number on the scale!
There are many things that I love about this program - I have learned that food is fuel, and I know what to eat and how much to eat for every meal. I have learned to be mindful about eating. Another thing that Jill has really helped me with are challenges that I might see coming or finding healthy food alternatives. One example is replacing my nighttime ice cream habit with a healthy banana shake. It is delicious and so much better for me!
I now see each eating opportunity whether at home or out as a treasure hunt: I try to find the food I can eat for that meal that I am allowed to have. There are so many choices!
Throughout this journey Jill has been very encouraging to me and given me the tools I need to reduce my body fat %. I have lost weight many times but I have never kept it all off. This time is different. I know how I got here and I know how to maintain if I will follow the guidelines that Jill has given me."
- Linda 11/2015


"If you seriously want to lose weight, and keep it off, or simply be a convert to a healthy lifestyle, then I highly recommend that you make an appointment to see Jill at Jill's Nutrition Mission.  She is going to make that transition from "diet" to "permanent healthy lifestyle" as smooth and easy as possible for you.  I have lost 35 lbs and I have kept it off.  I could not have done it without Jill!

Like many others, I had tried a lot of different diets - Southbeach, Sensa, Weight watchers, with some success, but never able to keep it off in the long term.  I was at my heaviest weight ever and I knew I needed some serious help.  So I started researching nutritionists in the Scottsdale area.  The majority of them will meet with you one or two times, develop a month of meals for you and wish you luck.  However, it was an easy choice for me to select Jill because her program is designed to meet with you every week, and I knew that this would be more effective for me.  

Jill will make you a completely customized nutrition plan designed for your body and weight loss goals.  Then she will help you figure out what foods you like and how to make it work for your lifestyle.  She is also going to track your body measurements and body fat, which is a more accurate indicator of your progress and health than the number on the scale.  Did I also mention that since seeing her my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose measurements have been outstanding?  She will be available to help answer questions you have about food choices during the week and even just to help provide emotional support.  Jill is never negatively judgmental, even if you have a bad eating week. She is your cheerleader and will be there to point out all the positive progress you have made and to help you get back on track.   
I am 100% satisfied with my decision to see Jill, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become healthier and lose weight, the right way and for good!"
- Julie H. 12/8/2015
"Working with Jill has been such an amazing lifestyle change! She not only helps you reach your goals but helps you maintain them as well. I live in New York and we set up our weekly check-ins over the phone. She has been super flexible with me since I work six days a week and have little time. She makes the healthy lifestyle change seem so easy by setting weekly realistic goals for you to reach. 

She is my motivation to keep going because when I have those tough/not so good weeks, I feel like I have let her down so I end up turning it around the next time. She has never been judgmental even when I regressed; only motivates me more. She celebrates my small victories as if they were huge because she understand how difficult such a lifestyle change can be! I have changed so much in my life thanks to her and I feel great!"
- Becca R.  3/4/2016


"I was gaining weight steadily for about a year. I made the decision to see Jill and did her 12 week program. I hit my goal - and have maintained my weight. I learned the right foods to eat in the right portions. Jill was supportive every step of the way!"


- Beth K. 4/12/2016

"I had a major "sweet tooth," had low energy every day around 4 pm, felt sluggish and was  confused by all the diet and nutrition information from magazines that seemed to change its mind constantly about which foods were the healthiest and best to eat. I just wanted to tweak a few things in my diet so that I felt more energized, less squishy around the middle, and to try and tame my sweet tooth a bit.  I wanted to understand what types of foods to eat, how much and when, for my body type. 


Jill helped me immensely!  She put together my very own Nutritional Program based on my own personal data.  She taught me exactly how many macronutrients I needed to eat to reach my ideal weight goal, and then eventually how to maintain it once I got there.  I checked in with her once a week to take measurements, tweak anything that wasn't working, set new goals, asked questions etc..  Jill is very encouraging, caring, motivating and inspiring.  She was my best cheerleader through this process.  Despite my many mess-ups, she remained encouraging and professional and always had my best interest at heart....even if it meant sending me millions of articles on beating sugar addiction :)  


I highly recommend Jill!  This was one of the best decisions I've ever made regarding my health.  I now have a program that I can refer to for the rest of my life.  So, even if I go off the rails from time to time, I can refer back to what worked and get myself back on track.  Jill's Nutrition Mission is a wonderful investment in your health.  I am so thankful I found Jill.  She is fabulous at what she does and is smart, funny, personable and makes this process smooth and painless."

- Jennifer B. 8/24/2016

"I love love love Jill! She helped me so much with so much of my food struggles, and I learned more than I thought possible. Her method is really easy to follow, and I love that she opposes diets! If you want to keep the weight off and learn how to eat, not just at home but out as well, she is the way to go. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a little help with food, not just with weight loss, and I honestly love going to see her. Best choice in town!"

- Noa G. 2/19/2019

"I came to Jill to control my Diabetes without medicine. Using Jill's method, I was able to lower my A1C from 7.4 to 6.5 in two months using only diet and exercise! Jill is worth every penny. I eat more than ever before, and I feel confident that with this method I can control and maintain my blood sugar in the long run."

- Jessica G. 3/8/2019

"My cholesterol is down to 160, and my doctor is so happy! Thank you for everything you've done for me. I'm 100% healthy."

- Sharon F. 7/11/2019